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My Trip to Oregon
So, I finally did it. I am currently typing this entry from a motel room in Eugene, Oregon. Well, okay, "currently" for me. I suppose by the time you're reading this, my version of "current" will have become your version of "past." Of course, that's generally assumed when reading things written in the present tense, but given that I still have people to this day who comment on my posts with a sense of alarm about how my tiny house will fall apart and kill me if I do what I was thinking about doing without stopping to realize that the post was written well over 2 years ago and disaster failed to strike, I should probably take more efforts to clarify. Maybe I should just switch to past-tense?

I was in Oregon.

Okay, if I'm going to write in past-tense, I should probably start at the beginning... or, at the very least, where I left off. That was several months ago... does anyone still remember it?


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