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The Next Stage
I've been holding onto this post for a while now. It has no pictures. Some may see it as kind of a downer. I choose to see it as a new possibility. In short, I'm going to move. Here's why:

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So, yeah... if anyone has any suggestions, ideas, or leads as to what I should do out in Oregon, let me know. I'm kinda going out there blind.

EDIT: Overwhelming response! Thank you all for your support; it is HIGHLY encouraging! I'm on the road for work right now (a week in Mexico City, a week in DC, 2 weeks in North Carolina, a few days in Florida...) but I WILL be responding to everyone as I get the chance! Also, don't be alarmed if your post doesn't show up right away - LiveJournal flags anything with a link in it for review. As long as you're not linking to Discount Russian Escort Services (yes, this has been a problem,) then it'll show up as soon as I can unflag it.

EDIT 2: Okay, I'm not really all that interesting on there, but for those who want it: www.facebook.com/jonathan.bellows

Your impending move

I realize this is late. I have not kept up on my reading. Things do happen for a reason, and the bad neighbor is your reason for experiencing a whole new and wonderful lifestyle. 26 years ago I up and moved to Colorado, and have never once regretted my decision. I do so hope you follow your dream. I have had my current home for almost 24 years and have wanted to downsize to 200 sq ft or less. Couldn't think of it until my county commissioners recently passed a "granny flat" type of code allowance of small axillary housing. Yeah, finally I will have my dream too. Just be patience and things will happen for you too. The reason I write this now though is this, don't leave Barney!!! It would be so hard on him, he is your beast friend, and you wouldn't turn your back on your best friend would you? He needs you more than you need him, please don't leave him behind on your adventures.

Re: Your impending move

Don't worry about Sir Barnabus. I wanted to have as many options available to me as I could when I wrote this, but I've since eliminated the concept of leaving Barney behind. It wouldn't be THAT new to him, since I've left him for weeks at a time with my folks when I've left for work, but given that I'd have no real time frame in mind for when to get him back, it's probably best to take him along.

He better pull his weight, though! I fully expect him to use his cuteness to make me some new friends!

You'll love the Pacific Northwest

I grew up in the Pacific Northwest, northern Idaho to be exact. If you like hiking you will likely love Oregon. I am sorry to hear about your code compliance issues, I know that they are not easy to deal with more often than not. Where I am here in Alaska there is not any size requirements on the place you build so long as you are not within the city limits. The property that I really like is not, and although a Fencl is slightly smaller than I would want to live in, building something slightly larger on a permanent foundation or even a full basement is an option for me here. There are even cabins that people live in year round here that are about the size of the tumbleweed XS house. Oregon is certainly tiny house friendly and I am willing to bet that you will be able to find the perfect place for you wherever that may be. I only found your blog yesterday, thanks to a Tumbleweed newsletter e-mail but I spent the better part of the last two days reading every entry to current. the house looks beautiful and I pray that you will be blessed whereever you land.

Thanks again for documenting the whole process.

Joe in Alaska...

Re: You'll love the Pacific Northwest

Thanks, Joe!
And yes, I do enjoy hiking - amateur day trips have been the limit of my experience so far, but I wouldn't mind trying more. And I'm pretty sure that I'll be coming face-to-face with code issues even in Oregon... but if I find the right community, I'd be willing to work for it (or fight for it, if need be.)

Best Wishes

Dear Jonathan,

I never reply to these blogs, but feel compelled to do so here. You have a great attitude and I think you are making a very wise decision. I admire you for having the courage to do this and you inspire me. I, too, have a deep desire to build the tiny dwelling and live off grid, even if only for a short time or long time, I feel that I need to experience it. I am turning 63 in April and I feel that most of my life I have been living someone else's agenda - not a good feeling but grateful for waking up and realizing this! I am glad to see that you are waking up while you are still young and can follow your heart.

Anyways, I hope you continue keepng everyone up-to-date on your journey and adventure in this blog. I am originally from NE Indiana and I moved to Northern California in my 20's...I have never regretted doing this. Oregon, Washington, N.CA is a wonderful area to live and explore. Enjoy!

Best wishes,

Being young and being able to follow your heart aren't necessarily mutually exclusive! Even I was beginning to think I was getting to be too old to run across the country, and I'm in my early 30s!

Thanks for your comments, Victoria - I'm sure I'll love it out there, and I'll keep the page updated.

Don't stop the story now

Stumbled onto your blog while researching for tiny house info. My newest dream to pursue. I have found a font of information here and have found it incredible useful and informative.
I just finished the last installment and am rooting for you. You have become like a heroe in a novel. Reall want to know what happens next and truly hope you have room in the story for Barney and your tiny house.
And just an opinion, don't sell your land to the jerk, please. :)
Nancy Plane

Re: Don't stop the story now

Thanks, Nancy!
There's definitely room in the story for Barney right now, but it might be a chapter or so before I can bring along the tiny house. I need to be out there first to evaluate my options, after all.

As for selling the land to the neighbor, well... I'm not about to hold a grudge, and if I can quickly and easily sell it to him, it'd be in my best interests to do so. Besides, I'm sure he has his own version of events that make me look bad, or that explain conclusions that I jumped to.

...although I will say, the other day I drove out to check on the property. The neighbor and one of his kids were out in the yard playing with the dogs, and they didn't see me at first. I was there for a good 20 minutes before they realized I was there. Suddenly, they all disappeared, and before I knew it, the country music was blaring out across the property again. *sigh*

tiny houses require flexibility

I have been doing research on insurance for tiny houses for an article I am writing.

It seems that so many of the cards are stacked against tiny home owners.

- insurance coverage
- zoning
- inspectors
- nosey neighbors

Don't give up your search to find a way to enjoy your hard work.

I would like to know do they allow and have a slot to park a Tiny House in Orange County South of California thank you.

Name: Christine
email: christinext@yahoo.com