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Address and Christmas Card
It is cold outside. In spite of the fact that he's only 25 pounds and elected not to eat his dinner yesterday because he was hoping that I might get half-way through my Arby's sandwich and suddenly decide I didn't want it anymore and would give it to him (a situation I assure you was not about to happen,) - in spite of both of those, Barney decided he had enough energy to spend the entire day outside in the snow. Of course, just being outside wasn't enough; he had to be outside with ME. Silly mutt. Now I can't feel my toes. Well, here are a couple more pics.

So I officially have an address now! And I don't mean a license plate, I mean a real address for my property!

Yep! Approved by the code inspector and everything. Of course, the only reason I was able to get the address was because the driveway and culvert were already in and because there's a barn on the property. I doubt it would have gone as smoothly with just the tiny house out here. But now I should be able to do all sorts of things, like get AC power out here if I need it (eventually) or get (*gasp!*) mail delivered.

Speaking of mail...

This right here is what I sent out as Christmas cards this year. And Holiday cards, and "Help, a man in a red suit kidnapped my dog!" cards for those friends of mine of different religious beliefs. Isn't it adorable? I think it's adorable.

Yes, I dressed my dog up in antlers and took him out to wait in line to see Santa Claus. Yes, I then paid a photographer to take my dog's picture with Santa, then (poorly) Photoshopped the whole thing into a Christmas card. And yes, I proudly - PROUDLY - mailed a picture of my dog to my close friends, relatives, and business associates in the vain assumption that they will all think my dog is the most adorable thing ever and that they will want to hang his picture above their archways for the season. Yes, this is what I did.

Stop judging me.

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on the official address & general progress on your property

A fellow tiny house dweller (with an offsite address)

Re: Congratulations!

Thanks! It does feel like quite an accomplishment.

That is a great Christmas card--love it!

It is the BEST Christmas card! My dog is the cutest dog EVER.

Thank you!

I've read your entire blog since last night. I just moved to California from Michigan and was wondering what county you're in and the ballpark on what you paid for your land (if that's not too personal, I know some people don't like talking money.) Good luck with your first winter snows on your own land! It's 5:30 am so maybe I should stop reading your blog and go sleep. But first I'll take my dog out or she'll wake me up way to early in the AM.

I built the tiny house in Genesee county and the land I bought is in Lapeer county. And yeah, I'm a little cautious about posting my finances all over the Internets. Oh, and if your dog is anything like mine, she'll wake you up way too early in the AM anyway, simply because "OH MY GOD THE SUN IS UP AGAIN THAT'S AMAZING EVERYONE LOOK LOOK LOOK!"

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