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Winter Wonderland
No new "content," so to speak. Just some pictures from the last snowfall we got. I thought it looked pretty.

So yeah, it snowed a lot. Makes for some pretty lousy days for the solar panels. On the plus side, though, my water cistern is now completely full. Provided that my usage doesn't go up, I should have enough water now to last me until April. So, yay for that. On to winter wonderland pictures!

This is what I saw out my front door - first one is straight ahead, second is turning my head to the left.

Here's a little further up the drive:

And some images of the tiny house taken from the banks of the pond, first from the near side, then from the far side:

Next we have Barney's favorite part of the property, the tire pile. I found about 30 tires riddled about the property (more if you count tractor tires stacked near the front) so I gathered them together into a pile for now. Later I may ram some dirt into them Earthship-style, but for now they amuse the pooch.

Of course, playing in tires all day can wear a mutt out.

So, that's it for now. Like I said, it's been gloomy, so I've been in power conservation mode more often than I'd like. I plan on rigging up a generator to top off my batteries, but for now I'm just going to have to keep it short.

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How much snow did you get? We got just enough to coat the ground for a few days and that was it. But you are just a couple counties north though.

Not much at all, really. A couple of inches, maybe, and it has already melted.

Generator sizing

Don't skimp on the capacity of the generator when you start looking. Consider if you want to listen to a small generator running all day, or a big one for half an hour!

Re: Generator sizing

Unfortunately, price is going to have to be the major consideration in this purchase. Can't buy the big one if I don't have the money for it.

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