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Barney Got Hit By A Car
This isn't really a happy entry.
I've been busy on a lot of projects lately, and I supposed I should be posting pictures of them. However, there's a bit of news that I should probably share with those of you who still check this page (in spite of the fact that I haven't updated in 2 months.)

Barney got hit by a car.

WARNING: 4th picture in post is rather graphicCollapse )

Getting to Know Eugene
I've been in Eugene, Oregon for a few weeks now, so I suppose it's time to post another update. I've got pics this time! Given that the updates over the last few months have been nothing but big walls of text, I figured it was about time. I'm staying in a little cabin up on a hill just outside the south side of town. The lady who owns the cabin has a lot of improvement projects for her land going on, so I've been able to earn a little extra income by helping with that. Also, there are sheep! Well, and llamas and cows and chickens, but the sheep are the focus of the last part of this post.

And they are adorable big piles of fluff!Collapse )

My Trip to Oregon
So, I finally did it. I am currently typing this entry from a motel room in Eugene, Oregon. Well, okay, "currently" for me. I suppose by the time you're reading this, my version of "current" will have become your version of "past." Of course, that's generally assumed when reading things written in the present tense, but given that I still have people to this day who comment on my posts with a sense of alarm about how my tiny house will fall apart and kill me if I do what I was thinking about doing without stopping to realize that the post was written well over 2 years ago and disaster failed to strike, I should probably take more efforts to clarify. Maybe I should just switch to past-tense?

I was in Oregon.

Okay, if I'm going to write in past-tense, I should probably start at the beginning... or, at the very least, where I left off. That was several months ago... does anyone still remember it?


DAY ONECollapse )

DAY TWOCollapse )

DAY THREECollapse )

DAY FOURCollapse )

DAY FIVECollapse )

DAY SIXCollapse )

The Next Stage
I've been holding onto this post for a while now. It has no pictures. Some may see it as kind of a downer. I choose to see it as a new possibility. In short, I'm going to move. Here's why:

Click Here for Big Wall of TextCollapse )

So, yeah... if anyone has any suggestions, ideas, or leads as to what I should do out in Oregon, let me know. I'm kinda going out there blind.

EDIT: Overwhelming response! Thank you all for your support; it is HIGHLY encouraging! I'm on the road for work right now (a week in Mexico City, a week in DC, 2 weeks in North Carolina, a few days in Florida...) but I WILL be responding to everyone as I get the chance! Also, don't be alarmed if your post doesn't show up right away - LiveJournal flags anything with a link in it for review. As long as you're not linking to Discount Russian Escort Services (yes, this has been a problem,) then it'll show up as soon as I can unflag it.

EDIT 2: Okay, I'm not really all that interesting on there, but for those who want it: www.facebook.com/jonathan.bellows

Address and Christmas Card
It is cold outside. In spite of the fact that he's only 25 pounds and elected not to eat his dinner yesterday because he was hoping that I might get half-way through my Arby's sandwich and suddenly decide I didn't want it anymore and would give it to him (a situation I assure you was not about to happen,) - in spite of both of those, Barney decided he had enough energy to spend the entire day outside in the snow. Of course, just being outside wasn't enough; he had to be outside with ME. Silly mutt. Now I can't feel my toes. Well, here are a couple more pics.

Honestly, that story had nothing to do with the rest of this post.Collapse )

Winter Wonderland
No new "content," so to speak. Just some pictures from the last snowfall we got. I thought it looked pretty.

Enjoy!Collapse )

More Water catchment
Happy Turkey Day, everybody! Or Tofurkey day, for those who don't eat meat. I suppose I could just say "Happy Thanksgiving," but... hmm. I don't really have a good excuse for that, actually. So, um... Happy Thanksgiving!

I'm pretty sure that Tofurkeys don't 'gobble.'Collapse )

Panels, Dock, Water Catch, Test Stove, and Barney
It's been a while.
I've been working, but I haven't been posting.
I felt kinda bad about that, but I took pictures of everything as I went. Now there are a LOT of pictures (and two videos) to post. It takes a lot of effort when it's done all at once!

Look at all of that. Isn't that nuts? I'm gonna explain it all, too.Collapse )

Moving Day Videos
Oops! I just realized that I forgot to cross-reference my moving day videos here! Actually, that's a lie... I knew it all along, I just also knew it was going to take a decent amount of effort to organize things the way I like it. But if you haven't seen them already, here they are!

I hope you have more bandwidth than I do.Collapse )

Making Things Livable
So, now that I've got land for my tiny house, I kinda need to make it livable. That means getting some systems in place, namely an energy system, a water system, and a waste disposal system. I've made a bit of progress on two of those fronts.

Plus, ya know, some other stuff. And, of course, some Barney.Collapse )