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I have land now!

My mother actually found this piece of land while searching online. It's in the next county over, but it's near the border, so it's not too far from where I am now. It's just shy of 4 acres (3.8, I believe,) it has a bunch of trees, a spring-fed pond, and a barn. I will now show you pictures!

So these first three pictures show where the tiny house is going to go. From the road there's a dirt driveway that goes back onto the land. The property itself has about 300 feet of frontage and is about 550 feet deep. It's on the south side of the road, and the driveway is slightly to the west of center. The first picture shows an area that I cleared away that I plan to use to access the tiny house. That'll be the "walkway" from the driveway to the tiny house.

The second picture shows a group of spruce trees that I'll be snuggling the tiny house up into. The spruces will be on the north side of the tiny house, which is exactly where you want spruce trees to be. They should help protect it from wind in winter, as well as from prying eyes. The south side of the tiny house, where my front door and big bay windows will be, will face out into a clearing. That'll provide plenty of sun for my solar panels. There is a potential for things to get hot in the summer, so I may have to put up an arbor or something in the future.

The third picture there shows a hint of the pond and the big willow on the other side. That'll be somewhat of the view from the front of the tiny house, depending upon how I angle it.

The property also has a barn! That'll be great for extra storage. I know a lot of people move to tiny homes specifically to avoid accumulating things, but having the room to buy certain supplies in bulk will be handy. Also, now that I have 4 acres, I need to take care of it and keep it presentable, so a few lawn tools will be useful. I do NOT plan on removing any of the trees or slashing down all of the grasses and wildflower. I LIKE wild areas. However, I will need to keep an access path to the tiny house as well as keep some places cleared to park. I also want to keep the property borders tidy to please the neighbors.

This picture just shows the area behind the barn on the edge of the wilderness. The property still goes back quite a ways after that, but it quickly becomes really bumpy. There are all sorts of fallen branches and buried tree trunks and pits and holes to trip in or on back there, so it'll probably be a while before I do anything on the back of the property. Barney will probably like exploring back there, though.

And this is my pond! It's entirely contained on my property, although the eastern edge is only a few feet away from the neighbors. The pond is spring-fed, and it contains all sorts of wildlife! There are turtles, schools of tiny fish, a few bigger fish, and hundreds of little frogs! There's also a lot of algae and muck in there, so it's not likely I'll be swimming in it anytime soon or anything. Barney, on the other hand... ugh. I may need to get a wash tub for that little dog.

Okay, here I was trying to take a picture of the other pond in the back, but the neighbor's boat is in the way. The pond is on the neighbor's property, but it's REALLY close to mine. I was actually standing on my own property when I took the picture. The survey plans show that pond entirely on his land, but the survey was drawn up decades ago. I think his pond is larger than it was then, and from the looks of things, it might be over the border now. If that's the case, I'll have access to that pond, too! In Michigan, you can't own the surface of the water, so as long as I have frontage, I'll have access.

In addition to all the wildlife in the pond (not to mention the evidence of deer and porcupines that my dad and my uncle each found) the land also has wild grapes! There are grape vines all over the place back behind the barn. I've also got hickory nuts, crab apples, and raspberries. The neighbor also has an apple tree that's REALLY close to the border, so I may get a few apples dropping onto my side from some of the longer branches.

These just show a couple other points of interest on the land - a huge pile of logs and a gnarled old tree stump surrounded by 3 big stones. The property used to be a tree nursery from what the seller told me, which explains the great variety of trees on it. There are spruces, cedars, pines, hickory, crab apple, willow, poplar, sumac, juniper shrubs, and all sorts of other foliage.

So hopefully in the next few days I'll be able to bring my tiny house out there. I had to quit on clearing the space for the tiny house earlier today because I ran out of drinking water. Tomorrow, though, I plan on bringing an entire gallon, so that should last me much longer. The goal for now is to have it ready for the tiny house by Saturday, although actually moving it may be later, depending upon how peoples' schedules work out. I'll keep posting!

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